energy in | energy out

It’s really simple. No energy in = no energy out. What gives you energy? What takes energy? When you answer these questions, you can start to organize your life so that you have enough energy in to put energy out. What activities, interests or pursuits rejuvenate you when you do them?

Years ago I discovered that if I spent time in my garage fixing and building things I was better with people. What kind of environments do you need to spend time in to feel fulfilled? Where are these in your life right now? Leaders running on empty never create healthy organizations. I’ve found that the Birkman Instrument gives clarity to these things and more.

ninety-five years well lived

Ninety-five years is a significant milestone, particularly when it represents a life lived with excellence, purpose and impact.  One such individual is Dr. Roger Birkman who will celebrate his ‘95’ tomorrow, February 1, 2014. He is the creator of The Birkman Method which we use extensively in our business helping leaders and teams become self-aware and more productive. What’s amazing about Dr. Birkman is his ongoing desire to keep learning, discovering and the child-like wonderment that he shows when he comes across something new; he is an inspiration to me.

All of this challenges me to ask myself these questions:
Am I growing and learning?   |   Am I excellent in what I do?   |   What is my life about?   |   How am I making an impact on the world around me?   |   How about you?