individual coaching

John F Caplin offers coaching so that individuals can reach their potential in a sustainable way. Unfortunately, coaching is often associated with remedial help. In reality coaching is best when individuals or organizations, out of their own desire to move ahead, engage a coach to move towards their goals and to increase their leadership capacity.

Our experience of working with a wide spectrum of corporate senior leadership, entrepreneurs, non-profit leadership, and educational leaders, allows us to appreciate and engage the diversities of leadership life. For 33 years John F Caplin has been working with men and women in a confidential, focused manner putting the pieces of their preferred future together. We are absolutely committed to doing our best to support you reach your best.

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  1. Client centered.
  2. Strongly committed to being the guardian of the coaching process with the client being responsible for the content & outcomes.
  3. Strong-thinking partner but in a transparent manner.
  4. Challenge clients on their assumptions and assist them towards sustainable, behavioral change, all within a supportive environment.
  5. Committed to confidentiality


  1. Individual Birkman Assessment
  2. Birkman 360
  3. 360 based on individual interviews.

code of ethics

  1. John F Caplin Coaching & Consulting adheres to the Ethics of the International Coach Federation
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