birkman 360

Feedback is a helpful and necessary part of any leader’s journey. The Birkman 360 measures the perceptions of those who work with an individual by asking them how often this individual exhibits skills and behaviours (“competencies”) that are critical to his/her work and to his/her organization’s success. Critical competencies differ somewhat from one organization and from one role or functional area to another but the Birkman 360 collects data on the entire range of competencies that characterize highly effective persons and their organizations.

The Birkman 360 gives structured feedback in the following key areas.

  • Ensuring long term results
  • Leading others
  • Building strong teams
  • Managing outcomes
  • Delegating to others
  • Developing others
  • Making decisions
  • Dealing with conflicting ideas
  • Personal and professional growth

Each key area above has 6-8 questions and uses a scoring scale of 1 to 5.