focus of practice

  1. Self-Leadership: Developing the ability to manage and motivate yourself in such a way that you build the organization and individuals you are leading rather than dis-empowering them.
  2. Self Differentiation: Living connected to but not controlled by the emotional forces around you. It is about being a non-anxious presence regardless of the emotional temperature of those around you.
  3. Leadership: Becoming the one that others trust and follow.
  4. Team Building: Practicing the truisms, “Two heads are better than one”. “Many hands make light work” through discovering the value of team
  5. Organizational Health: Becoming an organization from which people gain life instead of simply enduring till pension.
  6. Leader Health: Learning to live a life that has balance and energy. This allows you, as a leader, to have inner resources to invest in those around you.
  7. Personal Values: Discovering the principles by which you live and how you live them.
  8. Organization Values: Determining foundation principles which govern decisions and actions in the organization.