the power of intention

A new year, a fresh start, a list of goals maybe? Here’s a thought…….what kind of leader do you want to become this year? Breaking it down into a daily choice and change of behaviour brings about results.

A question I often pose to my clients is “what kind of leader do you want to be in this situation?” This is a powerful intention and reminds us that we determine the kind of person we show up as in various contexts. Leaders can do this in an undisciplined and reactive way or in a thoughtful deliberate way. You can change the environment and the outcomes by intentionally choosing a different persona. Are you seen as a hurried, impatient meeting organizer? Or as a collaborative, thoughtful facilitator? Are you the ‘values’ shaping leader or the ‘just get it done’ boss?

Regularly evaluating and clarifying your intention is a key to creating a culture of effectiveness and engagement.