birkman certification training

We are pleased to offer Birkman Certification Training in association with Mentor Matrix Services Inc.


Birkman Certification Training (Level I)

“This is the entry level course for The Birkman Method. Certification training provides full understanding of the structure, language and measurements of the Birkman assessment. This knowledge imparts the ability to interpret any of the more than 40 reports available to certified consultants. Level I Certification is required training to access and use the complete set of in-depth Birkman reports.”(

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Birkman Advanced Training (Re-Certification)

This two-day training meets the 20 CEU requirements that are necessary to maintain your Birkman Certification (every 3 years).  Increase your knowledge of the Birkman Method as it relates to the individual, including an in-depth look at the components, especially the challenge score. As well we will examine the new Job Families, Organization Focus and what the Birkman Method tells us about a person’s leadership style. This training is interactive, practical and valuable as you sharpen your skills as a Birkman Consultant.

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