what can it be used for


Self awareness and self management are at the heart of good leadership. Know thyself is the starting point of every leader. The Birkman Method provides an excellent “picture” of a person’s interests, usual behavior, needs and stress behavior. Along with this it gives insight into one’s perceptive filters, management style and organizational focus.

For any leader or organization that is serious about developing self-leadership the Birkman is an invaluable tool. The Birkman questionnaire is completed over the internet and is followed by a comprehensive report and personal debrief with a Certified Birkman Consultant.


Understanding members of the team and what each person brings to the table is a key ingredient to team effectiveness. By developing this understanding a team is able to provide its members with an environment that is empowering and energizing. Utilizing each other’s strengths, understanding and perspectives provides the foundation for a highly functioning team.

John F Caplin will look at the nature of your team, its strengths and its blind spots. The assessment includes what the team needs from the senior leader and what the senior leader needs from the team.

A team debrief can be done in as short a time as 90 minutes or we can spend several days building your team using the Birkman as one of the tools.


As an assessment tool The Birkman was initially used by its originator (Dr. Roger Birkman) as a way to help employers properly place employees. The Birkman has the unique ability to identify similarity of profile for individuals in similar job fields. Used along with other evaluations (experience, education, behavior interviews) The Birkman is a helpful tool when used in the employee placement process.

The Birkman can also be used to allow groups ranging from managers and supervisors to whole organizations, to clearly determine their key focus as a group and find areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

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